Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Chrome Auto Fill Honey Pot Hack

So today I have to say chrome actually is making me a bit heated. It's like my child that is always my good one just decided to go bad to get some attention. I still love you chrome but here we go. Today on my website I have a settings page where the user can update their username and a new password. If the user however has chosen to save password information upon login you get these very non stylish yellow boxes.

So I was thinking about my current research on honey pots to stop bots from autofilling your username and password fields and I thought why not stop the chrome monster from doing the same thing to my settings page. It's ironic that I'm using hacking prevention to fix an issue with chrome. So here is an easy fix for the man that doesn't want the tacky dom load change.

Place an input above your other fields you do not want filled.

Set the style to display none and the end user will not ever know it's there. Also no yellow boxes. This may not be the most eligent fix but I thought I would throw a twist on the posts I saw out there already.

The result:

I should also throw some credit to Phil Haack who's article I was reading to try to replace my captchas.